Slugbait / Stanton's Grave split

by Slugbait & Stanton's Grave

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Slugbait tracks were recorded & mixed during the summer & autumn of 2011 in Tony's Garage.
Stanton's Grave tracks were recorded & mixed between summer 2010 and spring 2012, also in Tony's Garage.
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released December 15, 2013

Pete - Vocals,
Mini - Vocals,
Seb - Guitar & Vocals,
Costello - Bass,
Louis - Drums

Stanton's Grave:
Tony - Vocals & Guitar,
Senior - Guitar & Vocals,
Dan - Bass,
Eoin - Drums

All songs recorded in Tony's Garage between 2010 - 2012
For more info on the recording, please visit (which will be updated one of these days...)



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Stanton's Grave Ireland

Stanton's Grave is four guys from Cork who like to play punk rock.
Well... Tony likes to play punk rock, Eoin likes to play hardcore crust, Senior likes to play metal and Dan likes to play bass!
We stick all that in a blender and see what comes out...
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Track Name: Stanton's Grave - A New Hope
Verse 1:
We’ve been dragged through hell
For the last eight years.
Now we finally see a light in the distance.
We just have to hope and pray
That it’s not the light of a thermonuclear explosion on the way.
The whole world’s waiting for a bright new day.
Hoping a new regime will bring a radical change.
Well I hesitate to use an old cliché,
But the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Verse 2:
We’re told that we can hope
For change we can believe in,
But empty words can promise you the world.
We have to hold on tight
To the scepticism we’ve all developed while we’ve languished here in hell.
Track Name: Stanton's Grave - TV Zombie
Verse 1:
I find it hard these days to do anything.
We're all falling apart, but I'm just sitting here.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way:
Everyone moans about the way things are run, but nothing gets done.

Chorus 1:
How did it ever come to this with no one giving a shit?
The only world we ever need is on the TV

Verse 2:
I've got a constant craving for coca-cola.
And when I'm hungry I must have a big-mac with cheese.
And my TV tells me that I can't live without
The latest piece of shit from microsoft corp. and sony records.

Chorus 2:
They put something in our food to control our moods.
And when the TV says "you've got to live life this way", we're easy to sway.

Bridge 1:
Now I'm a robot, I've no free will left,
Except for a nagging voice in the back of my head.
My subconcious is expressing some doubt,
But my TV drowns it out.

Verse 3:
So I'm trying my best to stay awake
And alert everyone to the danger we face.
But it's really hard to snap out of it.
I'll try again later after I've watched some TV with a big mac & cheese.

Chorus 3:
They've done something to our minds that keeps us in line.
Now that nagging voice of doubt in our heads is virtually dead.

Bridge 2:
I vegetate in front of my TV,
While my brain is dripping out of my ears.
There's nothing but a muted voice left inside
Constantly screaming "Open your mind".
Track Name: Stanton's Grave - Shut Up And Eat Your Freedom
Verse 1:
Welcome to the greatest nation on the earth, we hope that you enjoy your stay.
While here, you might like to sample some of the traditional delights we offer
Such as democracy, or manifest destiny.
We hope that you’ll take some with you when you go back home.
Shut your mouth and eat your freedom.
The alternative’s a bullet in the brain.
We’ll stick around forever while we force-feed your leaders
Have another mouthful of American Freedom.
Verse 2:
Outside in the wider world we like to spread democracy as god intended.
We won’t take no for an answer.
We’ve got the biggest guns, and we think war’s real fun.
Just know that your liberty’s not going to come cheap.